Beyond the Data Center solutions


  • Conceptual design
    Previous studies, preliminary projects and conceptual projects.
  • Schematic design
    TThe basic or schematic project, conceived as an advanced conceptual with an overview to the delivering and management before local authorities, is a previous step before our clients, with whom a progress in design is developed much more close to the final goal of the investment.
  • Design development and construction documents
    The design development is conceived as a whole, because the Data Center is a living system whose physical infrastructure of services interacts in multiple directions and layers, due to the very condition of its high criticality and service.
    We analyze reforms of partial or global growth. We are aware that a Data Center needs to grow and evolve, as per the client's own program or as a consequence of markets and technology. For all this, we carry out designs for reform, rehabilitation, growth or improvement in scale, retrofit or reconversion.
    NEXITIC can approach the design under the BIM modeling tool; reconciled and linked to the project management, the BIM design allows the cost analysis, the accuracy in the work program as well the traceability and the adjustment of the in-progress changes.

  • We approach the conception of the air conditioning design according to the triad budget / resilience / level of redundancy in order to combine energy efficiency with TIER compliance.

    We cover all aspects of the design of the Data Center's air conditioning:
    • Dual CRAH water-DX systems.
    • Direct expansion (DX) systems with dynamic freecooling.
    • Direct expansion systems with inverter or digital compressors.
    • Water-water systems, with hybrid towers and dry operation.
    • Water-air systems, with water freecooling.
    • Special AHU systems with adiabatic cooling.
    • AHU systems with direct / indirect air freecooling.
    • Special high density systems in different versions(in-rack, in-row).
    • Liquid cooling.

    Our engineering distances itself from standardization and commonplaces, because it assumes that each Data Center is a unique building, and that is why unique "taylor-made" solutions must be carry on. In NEXITIC we know the Data Center business in its multiple layers, so that our solutions cover physical modularity and scalable development, or the growth and IT expansion of different types of IT services for different IT & DC business models, according to whether it is Co-location, Hyper-convergence, Cloud, Edge Data Centers, Hosting services or Big Data, to name a few: a design strategy or another can be approached and focused; even when dealing with enterprise data centers, the solutions to be implemented will be far from the usual ones. In chilled water systems we carefully consider the suitability of the constant or variable waterflow, depending on the hydraulic branches and required redundancy, but never neglecting the energy efficiency, the "continuous cooling" otherwise temperature ranges.

    The filtering rating as per ISO and ASHRAE standards 62.1-2010- "Ventilation for Acceptable Indoor Air Quality" and airborne contaminants is another aspect that we look at carefully, as well as strict compliance with the most demanding standards that already constitute our know-how.

    The operating temperatures, the double set-point of temperature for the water free-cooling, the strategy of control according to cold / hot aisles, or the application of overpressure or isothermal impulsion by wall are some of the multiple approaches with which we get our design, pursuing excellence and the best interannual PUE.

    We analyze the pair formed by T / HR within cold air in front of the racks, according to the TC 9.9 guidelines, and even we have analysts of "IT cooling" and "thermal management" able to focus the impact on the computation ratio and its efficiency depending on the cold aisle temperatures.

    Beyond the above-mentioned systems, we have background in regards renewable energy, which converges in the field of sustainability and energy efficiency: for this reason, ice accumulation and phase change systems, or more sophisticated systems such as AHUs built on site, or beyond, systems with rotary exchanger. Even last generation equipments that operate according to the Matsoienko cycle or by desiccants (ad-sorption). Even in certain latitudes, use of "district heating" or "district cooling" infrastructure.

  • The electrical infrastructure and energy services is an essential field that NEXITIC addresses for its definition from diverse and concurrent points of view: without neglecting the aspect of energy efficiency, it looks first and foremost at the achievement of robustness and resilience according to TIER levels or security rating:

    • Systems with double branches by conventional or open busbars.
    • Electrical design strategy according to redundancy level.
    • Intelligent PDU and distribution analysis in rack19" and rack21".
    • ATS and STS.
    • Topology and typology of earthing systems such as TN-S or TN-C-S.
    • State-of-the-art UPS systems, modular UPS.
    • Electric panels for hot operation, type 4 form and other standards.
    • In-rack power distribution at 24 and 48V.
    • Analysis of autonomy.

    NEXITIC analyzes the risks of simple points to failure or SPOFs within the electrical topology designed to meet the most demanding TIER safety standards.

    • Gensets and emergency systems of the latest generation.
    • Energy Kinetic Storage Systems (KE Storage) type DRUPS.
    • Analysis and selection of long-lasting batteries with greater autonomy (Lithium ion or VRLA).
  • We design the most adequate fire protection system, according to national regulations and international standards.
    • Automatic extinguishing systems by chemical or inert media (N2 + Ar), CO2 or NOVEC 1230.
    • Water extinguishing systems (water mist).
    • Very Early smoke detection aspiration systems (VESDA).
    • Oxy-reduct.
    • Overpressure systems and action on the service infrastructure (HVAC, others), without affecting the operation.
    • Passive protection systems and analysis of sectorization, fire load and intrinsic risk.
    • On request, it is possible to model fire development with FDS software.

    In NEXITIC, it is designed and projected from each application code or specific regulation: NFPA, FM, BS.

    • Plumbing and general sanitation, looking for the best and safest system, always considering the particularities and singularities of a Data Center.
    • Studies for collecting rainwater, and feeding to tertiary systems.
    • Sewage treatment.
    • Fuel transfer systems.
    • Treatment of purge water, condensation and drainage by reverse osmosis and post-treatments.
    • Recovery and treatment of water from mechanical services and HVAC within the building.
    • Liquid leak detection systems.
    • Consulting and design for compliance with LEED requirements. "Water efficiency" and "water use reduction".

  • The DCIM, for years the intelligent paradigm for the control and management of the Data Center, is a matter of analysis, selection and design by our experts. DCIM and BMS converge in the Data Center in order to provide the cleanrooms with greater autonomy, resilience control capacity, transparency, monitoring and energy efficiency. DCIM and BMS comprise the tools of physical infrastructure and server monitoring, for whose implementation, in combination with virtualization, load balancing strategies, exploitation peaks, O & M, etc ... has become one of the cornerstones, and that is why NEXITIC looks and coordinates with the premium companies the best solution for the Data Center.
    Combined with the field of consulting and O & M, DCIM is not only the software tool capable of managing energy, IT operation and alarm status within the Data Center, but must comprise the capacity and vision to: provide elements and criteria for the valuation and planning of the life cycle of assets, the change management, the migrations and in general all the aspects where the peculiarities of the O & M of the infrastructure converge with the own software services and IT operation.

  • According to the typology of the Data Center (Multi-vendor Carrier Neutral, low latency, etc ...) and the degree of redundancy and resilience, we project the best communication and network system for the data center, according to:

    • Communication infrastructure. Single-mode and multimode optical fiber network, for data center interconnection and campus networks.
    • Infrared infrastructure of local network: network electronics, wireless environments and structured cabling.

  • The physical security of the Data Center has always been, and increasingly is, an essential requirement for the complete control and good operation of the data center: from both sides (security protection, negligence / attack, and security). security against the loss of natural origin) the complex of the Data Center designed by NEXITIC always satisfies both requirements, reconciling them with the rest of the requirements that are part of the usual operation of access control and video surveillance, at different levels according to authority and field of performance.

    Electronic security and access control keeps a special and complex role within the logistics of entry of goods and people in a Data Center. We design the spaces and their accessibility and servitude steps from the origin, contemplating the interaction and own affectation of access control and the corresponding video surveillance and biometric control.

    Due to this we design the systems related to:
    • Video surveillance
    • Access control
    • Intrusion
    • GIS
    • Control of Gauging
    • Interphone

    According to the common thread that marks the access logic of the main, authorized and visiting staff, we design the best control of locks for people and goods, or the perimeter protection, presence detection, infrared or video analysis systems.



Within the field of energy consulting, NEXITIC performs various studies of investment and exploitation of the Data Center, including free-cooling analysis, water free-cooling, analysis of equipment parallelism in operation, always delving into the thermal load profiles and carrying out energy simulations.

The global vision allows to conceive and develop the best design, always counting the most relevant aspects along the life of a Data Center:

  • PUE / pPUE and Data Center metrics. Not only the popular PUE (efficiency in the use of power) is taken into account with a view to the development of the best design and exploitation, but other metrics such as the WUE (Water Ussage Effectiveness), ERE (Energy Reuse Efficiency) as well performance metrics of AFM air.
  • Capex / Opex analysis.



Within the IT consultancy NEXITIC has professionals from the IT world able to advise on:

  • Configuration, characteristics and scalability of IT equipment according to service (storage, cloud, web services, corporate services, change analysis, edge computing).
  • Typology, more according to the IT service provided: advising on the most appropriate equipment according to: computer level, working temperatures, operating hours, degree of virtualization, level of safety and criticality.
  • Change management (CM) and life cycle analysis.
  • Power monitoring.
  • Predict the future state of the physical capacity of the Data Center according to the models of "what would happen if ..."


The planning of a consolidation or migration in a Data Center requires knowing exactly what assets it has, where they are located, as well as their configuration and connectivity. It also requires the ability to model, inform and communicate all future plans to the appropriate staff for approval and implementation. Finally, a successful Data Center consolidation project is based on having the solutions to manage effectively and efficiently, and report on the status of the project throughout its duration.

In NEXITIC we have qualified personnel capable of:

  • Plan the capacity required to support the IT transfer.
  • Establish baselines prior to the transfer to quantify the level of risk, with multiplicity of critical paths.
  • Develop a complete map of assets before starting.
  • Visualize and model the migration and consolidation process for the client.
  • Control the processes and personnel involved in the Data Center.
  • Report on progress throughout the project.
  • Forecast and evaluate the capacity for future growth in the Data Center.


In NEXITIC we have technological resources to perform CFD simulations of the Data Center's server room. Independently of the pre-audit and audit work, a team of professionals submits to the computational analysis of fluids the Data Center, detecting possible "Hot Spots", managing to visualize the air performance, analyzing the flow in various areas of the raised floor in order to rectification and improvement. The CFD Analysis is excellent as a tool not only for the design of the future Data Center, but also with a view to the improvement and / or correction of the Data Center in operation.
CFD achieves:

  • Corrective measures of physical infrastructure in the IT equipment room.
  • Corrective measures of temperature / pressure / air flow in equipment, hot and / or cold aisles.
  • Palliative measures with high degree of impropriety and high consumption / low energy efficiency.
  • Predictive measures, with a view to the evolution of the future Data Center according to various power scenarios / growth phases.


TThe Data Center, as an important asset of the IT company should use technical tools for selection and design that take into account the important aspect of localization, in this regard NEXITIC considers a multifactorial search of the plot: using its own formulas manages to adopt the best selection for the needs of the client:

  • Price
  • Level of connectivity
  • Availability for third parties
  • Business interaction
  • Latency
  • Taxes
  • Energetic aspects: availability, cost
  • Aspects of physical security
  • Airport distance
  • Logistics
  • Physical latitude and free-cooling availability
  • Pollution and environmental regulation
  • Renewable sources
  • Administrative barriers
  • Civil response
  • Public transport
  • Expansion capacity
  • Labor market and degree of specialization of the Data Center


The operation and maintenance consulting is part of our Know How: from the preparation of the first white paper, risk analysis before catastrophe or downtime; from the first phase of design, our specialists keep in mind the particularities that all the Operation and Maintenance works in a Data Center entail.

According to the nature, availability, business and criticality of the center, we have a degree of specialization such that we can cover and define the main issues regarding:

  • Predictive Maintenance
  • Corrective maintenance
  • Maintenance programs
  • Sinister operation program

In NEXITIC we face the design without losing sight of the exploitation costs, justifying the return of the investment.

  • O & M considerations. We advise on Operation and Maintenance, and we prepare white paper and road maps for the implementation of a correct O & M system.


Preauditories and audits in the Data Center: energy analysis and air performance in the room, availability and redundancy analysis, energy efficiency analysis and retro-commissioning. The audits seek the status and forensic analysis of the Data Center according to different scenarios: power analysis, planning search for growth investment and change management, IT consumption / energy efficiency analysis or analysis for Simple points of failure.

In addition, NEXITIC has a team of specialists capable of determining the causes that would have caused "downtime" in the Data Center in the recent past.


Advice to the client and the operator on management and certification processes of the main international entities within and outside the Data Center sector: Uptime Institute, LEED, compliance and follow-up of ASHRAE regulations: ASHRAE 90.4, Energy Standard for Data Centers, ASHRAE 90.1-2010 - "Energy Standard for Buildings" or ASHRAE guidelines TC 9.9. Conceptual analysis and resilience and redundancy, and review studies of existing facilities in order to adapt to the standards sought by the client.


Integrated Project Management is covered by NEXITIC throughout all phases of design + construction of the Data Center, assuming a role of advice, coordination and monitoring aimed at achieving the final success of the project, conceived from the initial view of established objectives for the client.

The Project Manager organizes, energizes and supervises all activities, coordinating technical teams and contractors involved in the development, design and construction of the Data Center. Our work system combines the BIM tool, the O & M perspective and the Commissioning plan, together with the monitoring of a complete PM tool: planning control, cost tracking and a complete comprehensive monitoring and quality control plan.

Likewise, the Project Management organizes and supervises the process of awarding the installation contract, advising the client from a 360 view.

During the construction, the PM will supervise the contractor and will advise his Client on all relevant aspects and especially on the economic management and work progress.


Our services include the advice, supervision of the tests and the start-up of the Data Center. Not only a specialization within the commissioning and the final tests are necessary to successfully carry out the commissioning in a Data Center; It is necessary for the Commissioning team (Cx) to be aware of the multiple particularities that comprise the critical infrastructure in the Data Center. For this purpose from NEXITIC we project and carry out all the most demanding commissioning tests:

  • Electrical tests
  • Simulation of thermal load and temperature analysis
  • Record of performance data
  • Hydronic balancing tests
  • Simulation tests of fall of a branch
  • Final test of simulation of total outage as Black Building Test

In addition, CX includes a general analysis of the services as per:

  • Diesel installation
  • BMS
  • Fire Protection (PCI)

Regarding test ratings we follow the established by the ASHRAE Guide "Design Considerations for Datacom Equipment Centers, Chapter 12, Commissioning" which establishes five sequential levels of the Cx Process:

  • Level 1: Factory Tests
  • Level 2: Equipment delivery
  • Level 3: Assembly and Precommissioning Inspections
  • Level 4: Functional Tests
  • Level 5: Integration tests, IST

NEXITIC covers and follows the most relevant national and international guidelines, rules and regulations:

  • ASHRAE 1.1-2007-The HVAC Commissioning Process ".
  • USGBC LEED Reference Guide for Green Interior Design and Construction 2009 Edition.
  • CIBSE and BSRIA.
  • Requirements for The Uptime Institute certification: Data Center Site Infrastructure. Tier Standard: Topology and Data Center Site Infrastructure. Tier Standard: Operational Sustainability.
  • AENOR / IQnet regulations.
  • NFPA regulations and guidelines.